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Kabab House (Carnegie)

Modern American & Contemporary American

Bar Botanico (Lawrenceville)

Brick and Mortar (Heidelberg)

Butterjoint (Oakland)

Emil’s Lounge (Rankin)

Farmer X Baker (Aspinwall)

Fig & Ash (North Side)

Local Provisions (Fox Chapel)

Meat And Potatoes (Downtown) 

Oak Hill Post (Brookline)

The Porch (Oakland)

Scratch (Troy Hill)

Siempre Algo (North Side)

Spork (Garfield)

Square Cafe (East Liberty)

Tessaro's (Bloomfield)

The Vandal (Lawrenceville)

Vivo (Sewickley)*



Balvanera (Argentinian, Strip District)*

Gaucho (Downtown)



Allegro Hearth (Squirrel Hill) 

Beaver Bagel Co. (Bagels, Beaver)*

Better-Maid Donuts (Crafton Heights)*

Brown Bear Bread Cafe (Bakery, Mt. Oliver)*

Butterwood Bake Consortium (Lawrenceville)

Confections (Wilkinsburg)*

La Gourmandine (multiple)

Five Points Bakery & Cafe (Squirrel Hill)

Jak's Bakery (Bulgarian Bakery, Bloomfield)*

Madeleine (Homewood)

Mancini’s (multiple)

Mediterra (multiple)

Nancy B’s (Homestead)

Pigeon Bagels (Squirrel Hill)

Pink Box (Squirrel Hill)

Prantl’s (multiple)

The Two Fraus (Zelienople)



Bad Azz (South Side Slopes)

Big Rigs (Monroeville)

Carmi (South Side)

Mitch’s BBQ (Warrendale)*

Showcase BBQ (Homewood)*

Z Best BBQ, Chicken, & Ribs (Uptown)*



Point Brugge (Point Breeze)

Park Bruges (Highland Park)



Namaste Momo Corner (Brentwood)



Bluebird Kitchen (Downtown)

Deluca’s (Strip District)

Don's Diner (North Side)

Dor-Stop (Dormont)

Farmer X Baker (Aspinwall)

Kelly O’s (Strip District)

Pamela’s (multiple)

The Speckled Egg (multiple)

Square Cafe (East Liberty)

Upstreet Diner (Squirrel Hill)

Valliant’s Diner (Ross)



Bar Marco (Strip District)

DiAnoia’s (Strip District) 

Park Bruges (Highland Park)

Point Brugge (Point Breeze)

Muddy Waters (East Liberty) 

Spirit (Lawrenceville)

Piper’s Pub (South Side)

Zenith (South Side)



Burg’hers (Lawrenceville)

Butterjoint (Oakland)

Moonlit Burgers (multiple)



Royal Myanmar (West View)*


Café / Coffee / Tea

Anthos Bakery & Café (Castle Shannon)

Asia Tea House (Oakland)

Allegheny Coffee & Tea Exchange (Strip District)

Bantha Tea Bar (Garfield)

Biddle’s Escape (Edgewood)

The Bloom Cafe (Valencia)*

Blue Monkey Tea (Squirrel Hill)

Caffè d-Amore (Lawrenceville)

California Coffee Bar (Brighton Heights)

Carnegie Coffee Company (Carnegie)*

Centred Coffee & Wellness (East Liberty)*

ChaTea (Squirrel Hill)

Commonplace (multiple)

Constellation (multiple)

Coop de Ville (Strip District)

Creative Coffee & Supply (Downtown)

De Fer (multiple)

Dobra Tea House (Squirrel Hill)

Echt Coffee House (Mt. Oliver)*

Gasoline Street Coffee Co. (Downtown)

Grim Wizard (Allentown)

Gryphon’s Tea (Bloomfield)

Ineffable Ca Phé (Lawrenceville)

James Cafe (Strip District)

Ka-Fair Coffee & Cakery (Morningside)

Kaibur Coffee (Polish Hill)

KLVN (Homewood)

Kung Fu Tea (Squirrel Hill)

La Prima (multiple)

Madeline Bakery & Bistro (Wilkinsburg)

Margaux (East Liberty)

Market St. Grocery (Downtown)

Mayfly Market (North Side)

Mechanic (Verona & Shadyside)

Mediterra (Sewickley)

Pane è Ponto (Strip District)

Pigeon Bagels (Squirrel Hill)

Prestogeorge (Strip District)

Redhawk Roasters (multiple)

Redstart Roasters (East Liberty)

Stance Coffee (Downtown)*

Tonic Coffee (Lawrenceville)

Tsaocaa Tea (Squirrel Hill)

Zeke’s (East Liberty)



Angkor (Greentree)

Cambod-Ican Kitchen (South Side)



Abby’s Jamaican (Hill District)*

Con Alma (Downtown)

Hidden Harbor (Squirrel Hill)

Kaya (Strip District)

Leon's (Allentown)

Pauline’s (North Side)

Royal Caribbean (Wilkinsburg)*



Amazing Dumplings (Squirrel Hill)

Chengdu Gourmet (multiple)

Chinatown Inn (Downtown)

Dagu Rice Noodle (Squirrel Hill)

Everyday Noodles (Squirrel Hill)

How Lee (Squirrel Hill)

Hunan Bar (Oakland)

Jian’s Kitchen (Squirrel Hill)

Little Asia (Oakland)

New Dumpling & Sushi House (Squirrel Hill)

Night Market Gourmet - BAO (Oakland)

Orient Express (Oakland)

Red Dragon (Shadyside)

Rose Tea Cafe (Oakland)

Sesame Inn (multiple)

Ting’s Kitchen (Ross)

Yue Bai Wei (Squirrel Hill)

Zen Asian Diner (Lawrenceville)



The Colombian Spot (South Side)



Food For Thought (North Oakland)

North Shore Deli (Deli, North Side)



Tana (East Liberty)


Fish Sandwich

Keith Heinritz Katering (Trafford)

Penn Ave. Fish Co. (Strip District)

Pub Chip Shop (South Side)

Rene’s (Wilmerding)

The Original Oyster House (Downtown)


Food Hall 

Galley at Bakery Square (East Liberty)

Federal Galley (North Side)


Food Truck / Street Food 

Alberta’s (Pizza truck)*

Antojito Hondurenos (Honduran Truck)*

Burgh Bites (truck) 

El Rincon Oaxaqueño (truck)

Kilimanjaro Flavor (Tanzanian, Truck)

La Catrina (truck)

Edgar’s Best Tacos (Strip District)*

India on Wheels (Oakland)*

Las Palmas (multiple)

Lucy’s Banh Mi (Strip District)

Old School Italian (Italian beef sandwich truck)

Pittsburgh Tortas (truck)*

Streets on Carson (South Side)

Taquitos (Garfield)

Thai Gourmet Express (Oakland)*



Cafe du Jour (South Side)*

Hyeholde (Coraopolis)

Paris 66 (East Liberty)*



Max’s Allegheny Tavern (North Side)



Dijlah (Lawrenceville)

Salem’s (Strip District)



Five Stars Honduras (Coraopolis)*

La Cocina de Betty (Beechview)


Hot Dog

D’s (Regent Square)

Frankie Bunz (Squirrel Hill)

Frankie’s (Lawrenceville)

G&M Dog N'Burger Shoppe (Bloomfield)*

Jim’s Famous Sauce (West Mifflin)



Huszar (North Side)


Ice cream

Dave & Andy's (Oakland)

Klavon's (Strip District)

Millie's (multiple)

Page's Dairy Mart (South Side)

Scoops (multiple)

Twisters (Bloomfield)



All India (Oakland)

Bombay to the Burgh (Edgewood)*

Coriander (Squirrel Hill)

Masala House Indian Bistro (Bloomfield)

Spice Affair (Aspinwall)

Taj Mahal (Ross Twp.)

Tamarind (Oakland)*

Udipi (Monroeville)



Monterey Pub (North Side)

Mitchell's (Downtown)*

Mulaney’s Harp & Fidde (Strip District)

Pub Chip Shop (South Side)


Alla Famiglia (Allentown) 

Buon Giorno Cafe (Downtown)*

City Fresh Pasta (North Side)

Cucina Vitale (South Side) 

Della Terre (Zelienople)

DiAnoia’s (Strip District) 

Dish (South Side)

Gira Sole (Shadyside)

Enrico’s (Strip District)

Colangelo’s (Strip District)

Garbarino’s (East Liberty) 

il Burloni (Greentree)*

Johnny’s (Wilmerding)

Legend’s (North Side) 

LeoGreta (Carnegie)*

LeVita Trattoria (Lawrenceville)*

Mia Madre Trattoria (Avalon)*

Nancetta's (Fox Chapel)*

Osteria 2350 (Strip District)

Pasta Too (Bethel Park)*

Rico’s Restaurant (Ross)*

Ruvo’s (Connellsville)*

Sausalido (Bloomfield) 

Sarafino’s (Crafton)* 

Senti (Lawrenceville)

Severina (West View)*

Stagioni (South Side) 

La Tavola (Mt. Washington)

Cucina Vitale (South Side)

Zarra's (Oakland)

Japanese / Sushi

Ginza (Bloomfield)

Mola (East Liberty) 

Oishii Donburi (Lawrenceville)

Penn Ave Fish Company (Strip District)

Soba (Shadyside) 

Té Cafe (Squirrel Hill)

Teppan BBQ (Squirrel Hill)

Teppanyaki Kyoto (Highland Park)

Umami (Lawrenceville) 

Umi (Shadyside)

Yukiyama (Squirrel Hill)*

Zen’s Noodle House (Oakland)



Fireside Caribbean (Wilkinsburg)*

Mama Rose (Larimer)*



98K Hamburger (Squirrel Hill)

Bae Bae’s Kitchen (Downtown)

Golden Pig (Cecil)*

Green Pepper (Squirrel Hill)

K-Town (Oakland)*

Nak Won Garden (Shadyside)

Nanban (Lawrenceville)

Soju (Garfield)



Kiin Lao & Thai Eatery (Squirrel Hill)



Kassab’s (South Side)

Laziz Lebanese Cuisine (Mt. Lebanon)

Mediterranean Grill (Squirrel Hill)

Pita My Shawarma (Lawrenceville)



Amel’s (Brookline)*

Bosphorous (Edgewood)

Casbah (Shadyside)

Jolina's (Beechview & Oakland)

Madonna’s (Downtown)

Pitaland (Brookline)


Mexican / Taco

Baby Loves Tacos (multiple) 

Bea Taco Town (multiple)

Bull River Taco Co. (Squirrel Hill) 

El Burro (multiple)

Cabos (Bloomfield)

Condado (multiple)

Doce Taqueria (multiple)

Duo's Tacqueria (East Liberty)

Edgar’s Best Tacos (Strip District)

Franklin Inn (Franklin Park)* 

Mad Mex (multiple) 

Las Palmas (multiple)

Patron (East Liberty)

TacosBurgh (Dormont)*

Taqueria El Pastorcito (New Kensington)*

Tako (Downtown)

Taquitos (Garfield)



Everest Kitchen (Brentwood)

Himali Kitchen (Brentwood)

Nepali Asian Restaurant (Carrick)

Sagun Asian Restaurant (Baldwin)

Subba Asian Restaurant (North Side)


Kabab and Curry Restaurant (Dormont)



La Feria (Shadyside)



Aiello’s (Squirrel Hill)

Anthony’s Italiano (Donora)*

Antonio’s Pizzeria (Brookline)*

Armando’s Pizza (Charleroi and Monessen)*

Badamo’s (multiple)

Beto’s (Beechview)

Black Lotus (Bloomfield)

Breezy’s Pizza (Aliquippa)*

D&G Pizza (Beaver Falls & Monaca)*

DaVide (Strip District)

Don Campiti’s (Dormont)* 

Driftwood Oven (Lawrenceville)

Frank’s (Ambridge)*

Frank’s (Millvale)

Gus Franco’s (Lower Burrell)

Iron Born (multiple)

Mama Lena's II (McKees Rocks)*

Marty’s Pizza (Donora)*

Mercurio's (Shadyside)

Mineo's (Squirrel Hill)

Napoli (Squirrel Hill)

Nobby's (Mt. Lebanon)*

Nuzzaci Pizza Shoppee (Monnessen)*

Osso’s Original (Washington)

Phillippi's (Natrona Heights)*

Picasso Pizza III (Allentown)*

Piccolo Forno (Lawrenceville) 

Pietro’s (Ingomar)*

Police Station (Ambridge)* 

Proper Brick Oven & Tap Room (Downtown)

Scustie's Super Pizza (New Castle)

Shelly Pie (Turtle Creek)

Slice On Broadway (multiple)

Spak Brothers (Garfield)

Spirit (Lawrenceville)

Stone Craft Pizza (Pleasant Hills)*



Kahuna Poké (East Liberty)

Mola (East Liberty)



Apteka (Garfield)

Pierogis Plus (McKees Rocks)*

S&D Polish Deli (Strip District)


Puerto Rican

Flavor of Puerto Rico (Allentown)*

Secretos (Uptown)



Ramen Bar (Squirrel Hill) 

Yuzu Kitchen (Downtown)



Monterey Bay (Mt. Washington)

Muddy Waters Oyster Bar (East Liberty)

The Oyster House (Downtown)

Penn Avenue Fish Company (Strip District)

Merchant Oyster Co (Lawrenceville)



Morcilla (Lawrenceville)



Khalil’s (Oakland)*



Sichuan Gourmet (Squirrel Hill)

Szechuan Spice (East Liberty)



Taiwanese Bistro Cafe 33 (Squirrel Hill)

TW Kitchen (Oakland)*



Nicky's Thai Kitchen (multiple)

Noodlehead (Shadyside)

Ochoa Thai Noodle Restaurant (Oakland)

Pad Thai Noodle (multiple) 

Pusadee’s Garden (Lawrenceville)

Thai Cottage (East Liberty) 

Thai Cuisine (Bloomfield)

Thai Gourmet (Bloomfield)

Thai Me Up (South Side)

Took Took 98 (Squirrel Hill)

Senyai Thai Kitchen (Shadyside)

Siam Thai Restaurant (Downtown)

Smiling Banana Leaf (Highland Park) 

Spice Island Tea House (Oakland)



Alihan’s (Downtown)

Sultan Döner Gyro (Turkish, Downtown)*

Turkish Kebab House (Squirrel Hill)



Kavsar (Mt. Washington)



Banh Mi & Tea (Lawrenceville)

Ineffable Ca Phe (Bloomfield)

Maiku Sushi (Strip District)*

Me Lyng (Homestead)

Pho Kim 88 (Mt Lebanon)*

Pho Van (Strip District)

Tram’s (Bloomfield)

Viet Nom Nom (Takeout, Squirrel Hill)


Vegetarian / Vegan / Friendly

EYV (Eat Your Vegetables, Vegeterian, Deutchtown)*

Honeygrow (East Liberty)

Onion Maiden (Allentown)

Zenith (South Side)



Arepittas (Downtown)

Cilantro & Ajo (South Side)



Bingham Tavern (Mt. Washington)

Gooski’s (Polish Hill)

Redbeard’s (multiple)

Sidelines (Millvale)




31 Sports Bar & Grille (Bridgeville)*

5801 (Gay Bar, Shadyside)

Abjuration Brewing (McKees Rocks)

Albert’s Lounge (Dormont)*

Allegheny Wine Mixer (Lawrenceville)

Apple Inn (Dormont)

Apis Mead & Winery (Carnegie)* 

Armand’s (Bloomfield)

Arsenal Cider House (Lawrenceville) 

Bar 11 (South Side)

Bar Botanico (Lawrenceville)

Belvedere’s (Lawrenceville)

Bigham Tavern (Mt. Washington)

Bob’s Garage (Sharpsburg)

Bobby’s Lounge (Brentwood)* 

Bob's Lounge (East Pittsburgh)*

Bottlerocket Social Hall (Allentown)

Boulevard Lounge (Brookline)*

Brew Gentlemen (Braddock) 

The Brewers Bar (Strip District)*

Brian’s Park Place Tavern (Edgewood)*

Bridges & Bourbon (Downtown)

Brillobox (Bloomfield)

Bulldog Pub (Morningside)*

Butcher And The Rye (Downtown)

Cafe Nikos (Mt. Washington)

Caputo's Friendly Inn (Pitcairn)*

The Coal Mine (Castle Shannon)

Cobra (Bloomfield)

The Commoner & Biergarten (Downtown) 

Coop de Ville (Strip District)

Cupka’s II (South Side) 

Eggheads Saloon (Brookline)

Evergreen Cafe (Homewood)*

Federal Galley (North Side) 

The Goldmark (Lawrenceville)

Good Time Bar (Millvale)

Gooski’s (Polish Hill)

Grapperia (Lawrenceville)

Hidden Harbor (Squirrel Hill) 

The Hole (Bloomfield)*

Huntz's Tavern (Etna)*

The Independent Brewing Company (Squirrel Hill)

J. Gough’s (Greenfield)

Kelly’s (East Liberty)

Kelly’s Corner (Lawrenceville)

Kimmie’s Lounge & Restaurant (Castle Shannon)*

Knucklehead's (Ross)*

Lefty’s (Strip District)

Le Mardi Gras (Shadyside)

Leo. A Public House (North Side)

Lorelei (East Liberty) 

Lucky’s (Strip District)

Maggie's Farm Rum (Strip District)

Margaux (East Liberty)

Melrose Tavern (Brentwood)*

Monk’s (Priory Hotel Bar, North Side)*

Monterey Pub (North Side) 

Moonlight Cafe (Brookline)*

Mt Troy Inn (Troy Hill)*

My Place (South Park)

New Amsterdam (Lawrenceville)

Nico’s Recovery Room (Bloomfield)

Nox's Tavern & Grille (Blawnox)

Over The Bar Bicycle Cafe (multiple)

Park Place Pub (Highland Park)

Penn Brewery (Spring Garden)

Pittsburgh Sports Bar (Castle Shannon)*

Plaza Lounge (East Pittsburgh)*

Porky’s (Etna)*

R Bar (Dormont)*

Remedy (Lawrenceville)

Riggs Lounge (North Side)

Rookie’s Bar (Brentwood)*

Round Corner Cantina (Lawrenceville)

Rugger’s Pub (South Side)

Rustic Lantern (Etna)*

Satalio’s (Mt. Washington)

Shawn Ryan’s Pub (Brentwood)*

Shenanigans (Ross Township)*

Slapshot’s (Dormont)*

Slick’s Bar & Grill (Dormont)

Smokey’s (Millvale)

Speal's Tavern (Blues Bar, Penn Hills)*

Spirit (Lawrenceville)

The Spot ETC (Penn Hills)*

Squirrel Hill Cafe (Squirrel Hill)

Squirrel Hill Sports Bar (Squirrel Hill)

Storyville Lounge (NOLA-themed cocktail Bar, Allentown)*

St. Clair Social (Friendship)

The Summit (Mt. Washington) 

Take A Break (Lawrenceville)

Tom & Tuds, Inc. (Aspinwall)

Tugboat’s (Forest Hills)

The Warren (Downtown)

Zano's (The Run)


Pool Hall

Breaker’s (Dormont)



Acacia (South Side)

The Confidant (Lawrenceville)

Open Mondays

Aiello's Pizza (Pizza, Squirrel Hill)

African Eats Cuisine (Nigerian, Squirrel Hill)

Alla Famiglia (Italian, Allentown)

Allegheny City Brewing (Brewery, North Side)

Alta Via (Italian, Aspinwall)*

Alta Via Pizzeria (Pizza, East Liberty)

Altius (Fine Dining, Mt. Washington)*

Amazing Dumplings (Chinese, Squirrel Hill)

Big Jim’s (Dive Bar & Grill, The Run)

Burgh’ers Brewing (Brewery, multiple)

Butterjoint (New American, Oakland)

Casbah (Mediterranean, Shadyside)

Chengdu Gourmet (Chinese, multiple)

Chinatown Inn (Chinese, Downtown)

The Commoner (New American & Cocktail Bar, Downtown)

Coop de Ville (Fried Chicken & Cocktails, Strip District)

Eleven (New American, Strip District)*

Everyday Noodles (Chinese, Squirrel Hill)

Kabab and Curry Restaurant (Pakistani, Dormont)*

Kabab House (Afghan, Carnegie)

Kaya (Caribbean, Strip District)

Kelly’s (Dive Bar, East Liberty)

Kiin Lao & Thai Eatery (Laotian, Squirrel Hill)

Legend's (Italian, North Side)

Little Corner Grill House 街边儿 (Chinese & Hot Pot)

Mad Mex (Mexican, multiple)

Mineo's Pizza House (Pizza, Squirrel Hill)

Mola (Japanese, East Liberty)

Monterey Pub (Irish Pub, North Side)

nanban (Asian Soul Food, Lawrenceville)

Noodlehead (Thai, Shadyside)

Nox’s Tavern (Dive Bar, Blawnox)

Peoples Indian (Indian, Garfield)

PF BBQ House (Northern Chinese, Oakland)*

Piccolo Forno (Italian, Lawrenceville)

Pusadee’s Garden (Thai, Lawrenceville)

Redbeard's (Dive Bar, Downtown)

Rico’s Restaurant (Italian, Ross)*

Royal Myanmar (Burmese, West View)

Salem’s Market and Grill (Halal, Strip District)

Sichuan Gourmet (Sichuan & Hot Pot, Squirrel Hill)

Shorty’s (Arcade Bar, multiple)*

Soba (Pan-Asian, Shadyside)*

Spirit (Live Music Bar, Lawrenceville)

Spork (New American, Garfield)

Squirrel Hill Cafe (Dive Bar, Squirrel Hill)

Sultan Döner Gyro (Turkish, Downtown)*

Taiwanese Bistro Cafe 33 (Taiwanese, Squirrel Hill)

Trace Brewing (Brewery, Bloomfield)

Udipi (Vegeterian South Indian, Monroeville)

The Warren (Cocktail Bar, Downtown)

Yue Bai Wei (Chinese, Squirrel Hill)

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